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The above videos are produced by Kypreika with unique photos and Cypriot music!

Our story ...


Here you will find a rich range of authentic traditional Cypriot products produced at home, by award-winning producers from the Troodos region, under the strictest food safety and hygiene standards. CYPRIOTS bring them to you in practical packages to keep the flavors of a tradition of centuries unchanged for your own enjoyment.

Our idea started a few years ago, when, knowing closely our producers, we found that they have unique Cypriot products in the world, which were only behind in terms of their notification and the creation of infrastructure to come closer to the markets. of the world.

Our vision is to make Cyprus known around the world for its unique, traditional Cypriot products. We start from Greece, where 2 out of 3 Greeks have tasted a Cypriot product, more than 100 thousand Cypriots live permanently and we are united by dozens of historical, cultural and tasty backgrounds.

Taking advantage of the technology but also the developments in the field of food transport, we can offer the Cypriots, safely at your table.

We invite you to get a Taste. A Cypriot taste, a taste with tens of centuries of history and tradition.

KYPREIKA is offered only from our physical store at 113 AVLONOS Street, PC 10443 ATHENS as well as our online store from where we send our products by courier to all parts of Greece

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          The # 1 eshop of traditional products
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